Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Game Development and Game Design

Our main goal is to create top quality interactive applications with the help of the latest technologies. We build up games that not only meet the requirements of our customers but are also thoroughly designed to ensure they bring maximum delight and entertainment to the future game players. The vivid imagination and years of experience of our creative flash game programmers ensure that our clients enjoy only best applications produced quickly and effectively.
Members of Apalon Studio team can perfectly handle every aspect of the game development process. We have all kinds of specialists that may be required in the development process including flash game designers, 3-D and Flash animators, artists, and game developers.
Depending on the needs of each client we form game development teams consisting of the professionals who possess the required skills and adjust the level of management so that it corresponds to the complexity of the project. Alternatively, in case of large and long-running projects our specialized teams can work in close cooperation with the in-house staff of our clients.
Being an offshore service provider, Apalon Studio is pleased to offer you cost-effective solutions that will satisfy all your game development needs. Numerous companies all over the world have already acknowledged the time and money savings that the outsourcing of game development can bring.
We are versed in a variety of other flash game development services. The services we offer vary from Flash Game Design, Pixel Art and iPhone Application Development to porting of your already existing games to other platforms. Since its creation Apalon Studio has already enjoyed success in many of these spheres. The example of our iPhone game programming efforts is iGirl - the iPhone application build up by our studio that keeps climbing up the list of the most popular entertainment software in the AppStore. Although it was designed and implemented under pressing time conditions, iGirl gained a lot of publicity in the Internet and is selling amazingly well.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Rise of the Gaming Industry In Social Networks

The rise of social networks has meant many different things, for many different people. There are many ways to use this new and exciting technology. But first, a brief primer of what exactly is social networking, or what is more commonly known as Web 2.0.
Social networks allow web visitors to interact in ways that are never before possible in any other mediums. On social networks, you are able to read articles, download PDF reports, leave comments, chat with your friends, participate in forums, vote for your favorite content, share bookmarks, attend video meetings, play games, and more. You can do all that on the Internet. But you can't do that with the television, the radio, the telephone, and the fax machine. The Internet is being used by people all over the world to connect with one another, through many different means and formats such as text, audio, and video. It allows web users to get an instant response from the other half of the globe, without having to pay for hefty fees.

Web 2.0 has been on the rise, and that is a well known fact. We see the rise of Frienster, MySpace, YouTube, and now, Facebook. All these sites have made it to the top ten sites in the entire world in a few short years, with Facebook overtaking MySpace recently. And the reason why Facebook has been able to do that, is because Facebook allows developers to develop third party applications on its platform. This presents huge opportunities for many different people.
One industry that has greatly benefited from Facebook's developer platform, is the entertainment industry. Or more specifically, the gaming industry. Developers have invented innovative games to be hosted on Facebook's platform, so that now, members of Facebook can simply install the game for free with a click on the button, and play it either by them self, or play it with their friends. Of course, if they want to play the same game with their friends, they would have to share it with them, and get them to install the game as well. That's very easy to do within the Facebook website, and Facebook members have certainly been spreading the applications that they like. The first wave of third party applications have already seen millions of members installing the applications.

As a real life illustration, one of the most impressive games, now hosted on Facebook, allows the player to play the role of a virtual crime lord. It's called Corruption Unlimited. You can play this game alone, or with friends. There's an internal chat system for communications. And the coolest thing about this game is that you can even play it from your mobile phone. That means you can interact with your friends and play the game while you are commuting. That's really going to be useful for some people. 

Every day, more and more third party applications like Corruption Unlimited are being developed by talented developers. When I contacted the developer, he boasted an impressive three thousand hours of coding was invested into making the game play more exciting. With such talented developers around, the Social Networks have indeed become a more exciting place.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Great Casino Tips and Tricks for Keno

Keno is a simple number game that is highly popular among casino goers. This is because just for a dollar it gives you the chance to win a million dollars. You can choose your numbers for a keno ticket from one to twenty. The ticket has space for eighty numbers arranged in the form of a grid. The player has to mark these numbers as the keno writer calls them out during a game. Before the game begins, you must specify the betting amount in the given column. 

Next, you enter the total numbers you have selected. Remember that you must claim the winnings of one round within five minutes before the next round begins; else you lose the entire amount. You can use the same ticket for twenty games in the multi-race version of keno. In this variation, you get your prize at the end of the twentieth round and you must retain the same numbers for all the rounds. A new version of this game permits players to play almost a thousand games and gives them a huge period of a year to claim their winnings.

You must keep the receipt issued by the keno writer so that you can claim the prize. The computer randomly picks twenty numbers and the winner is the player with the maximum number of matches. You cannot predict the outcome of the computer as it is a random selection and every number has an equal chance of occurrence. So do not fall for keno winning systems that help you predict the numbers.

Before you learn the tips and tricks to win at keno, familiarize yourself with the basic rules and terms associated with it. The first type of bet is the straight up bet where you select six numbers. The machine them selects any twenty numbers and you get your prize depending on the payoffs. You get back your bet only if you get three out of six numbers, three times the bet for four numbers, more than eighty times for five numbers and hit the jackpot of three thousand dollars for getting all six numbers.

Your payoffs increase if you bet larger amounts. The smallest permissible bet is of two dollars and the largest one is of seventy dollars. You can select up to fifteen numbers with some casinos permitting even twenty numbers for this bet. However, your chances of winning reduce when you choose more numbers. For variety, you can play with a pair of numbers on a ticket, but this has no effect on your chances of winning. 

Keno games are heavily biased in the casino’s favor; however, the chance of hitting the jackpot is what lures players to the game. Hence, the idea is to play fewer numbers and never more than six or seven at the maximum. First, choose your six numbers and write them in the provided space on the keno ticket. The idea is to choose more numbers and then shorten your list to the chosen six numbers.
Do not mark the numbers and then move the four numbers on every row to a standard keno form. 

You will then have three tickets with twelve numbers in all. If you put three dollars for three tickets, it gives you three attempts at wagering on the four numbers on one ticket. A single win will net you more than a hundred dollars while a full six jackpot will net you three hundred and fifty dollars.
Besides a straight bet, you can make a way bet by placing several wagers on the same ticket without paying any money for these extra wagers. For this, you must choose three groups of three numbers and make three bets instead of one. You may combine way bet by placing six bets on a single ticket.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tips and buying guides for CECT Cell phone

You might notice that CECT cell phones are getting more and more popular nowadays, you can see then on eBay, youtube and other online advertisements. Actually CECT cell phone is owned by QXMC Corporation, a leading domestic manufacturers of mobile handsets in China.
The most typical CECT cell phones are big touch screen, Iphone alike appearance, dual SIM card supported, well equipped speakers, extremely long standby and talk time and the all-in-one features. And the main reason why CECT are getting popular, it’s because of the price, it costs USD 100 something, and you can get a brand new cell phone with 1 year warranty. It shines with its price and quality. 

And there are something you should know before making a purchase for CECT Cell phones.
In General - The good :
Most of the CECT Cell Phone has the decent features like 3.2/3.5 inch touch screen, few button control interface, surround sound system, Bluetooth, MP3/MP4 multimedia playback, 1.3 Mega pixel camera, video recording, WAP browser, MMS, 8-12 languages, dual SIM card supported (manually switch the SIM card), extremely long talking time and standby time, unlocked phone (you can use any carrier you want, not only limited to T-Mobile or AT&T) and some other features that a normal cell phone have.

In General - The Bad:
Most of the CECT Cell Phones are not PDA, so there is no mobile OS installed like Symbian and Windows Mobile. So you can’t install software on it. And the firmware for the phone is not updatable, unlike Iphone, the firmware can be updated easily. CECT cell phones didn’t come with this feature, so when you got the CECT Phone on hand, you should understand that you can’t install software, applications and games on it, and the firmware is not updatable too, scalability is almost impossible.

And here we stated the Specifications for P168, the most popular cell phone from CECT for reference.
Here is the specifications for P168+
Video: MP3 / MPEG4 Playing and Video Recording
Camera: Internal 2.0 M pixel camera
Touch-screen technology display
Operating Frequency: GSM 900/1800/1900HZ
Internal 260K Color 3.0 inch QVGA Display (320 x 240 pixel).
Size: 117 x 65 x 17 mm; Weight: 125g
Call / Idle Mode Time: 120 mins /200 hours
Camera: Internal 2.0 mega pixel camera
Language: English, French, Arabic, German, Russian, Thai, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese
Video: MP3 /MIDI/ MPEG4 Playing and Video Recording
Audio: 64 Chord Polyphonic Ring Tones
Audio Recording
Capable of downloading software
Messaging: SMS, MMS GPRS
T-flash Memory Card Slot
WAP Browser1.2.1
Touch-screen technology display